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Purpose Driven Academy
helps growing small businesses attract, educate and engage new clients…
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Rise above the noise

Rise Above

Give us 5 minutes and we’ll show you how to instantly elevate your marketing impact and success. You’ll discover exactly what to do to strengthen your brand and engage your buyers’ journey. 

The Unwelcome Challenge

Every successful business eventually arrives at a revenue plateau where their growth stalls and they don't know how to get unstuck.

Reaching this plateau is not a function of a poorly run business, lack of effort or attention, or even being outgunned by your competition. The work is there. So are the blood, sweat and, too often, tears. Sometimes the plateau happens because of well-meaning advice given by other, older business people...based on what worked "back in the day."

More often than not, there is nothing outwardly wrong with the business, except for the obvious money plateau. That's frustrating. After 5, 10 or even 15 years of success, figuring out what's impeding growth in your company can almost make you crazy. The company has evolved upward, so why doesn't the revenue keep pace? Fear can set in, causing doubt about what to try, what to stop, what to keep doing...

We solve these problems by applying a scientifically proven approach for achieving revenue breakthroughs. We help you (re)focus your brand, elevate your marketing engagement and align your core entrepreneurial giftedness to quickly reach your next level of revenue growth. Remember, what got you where you are won't get you where you want to go.

How you can get help right now:

Business Lens

Discovering Your Business Lens

All business owners (as well as the employees), partnerships, entrepreneurs, service providers—everyone—have a "business lens" they look through. While this isn't the same as their personality type, it's just as powerful. And not knowing which of the four lens you look through gets in the way of success. Learn why.


Individualized Support

We intentionally safeguard and retain enough bandwidth to work with a limited number of one-on-one clients each year, helping them optimize their business for that desired breakthrough. These custom projects may include copywriting, sales funnel creation, rebranding and team alignment.

Revenue Accelerator Mastermind

Ignite Revenue Acceleration

There's a point where it begins to feel like you're never going to get unstuck. This pesky revenue plateau might lock in and become permanent, It doesn't really get worse than that. Don't accept the notion you can't break through. We have 29 channels to use...and the odds are you are NOT using at least 15 of them.

The Purpose Behind Purpose Driven Academy

Our purpose is to empower visionary entrepreneurs and  business owners like you to grow beyond their revenue limitations. Our work is collaborative by nature and built on two principles.

“Purpose Driven” is what we all long to be. It can be difficult to achieve. Not from lack of enthusiasm, but from lack of direction. Sometimes, there’s a reason it’s the “road less traveled by.” Keeping your fire bright sometimes means getting close to another fire. And adding fuel. We help you get clear and consistent.

“Academy” is a place to learn new concepts, test theories, and ultimately grow. Most business owners depend on their passion and grit to earn success. The problem is that passion and grit are rarely enough. Yes, keep your fire bright. We help you make sure it’s aimed in the right direction.

Don’t Be The Dinosaur In The Room

Many successful companies still use the same old-school approach to marketing that they began with, whether that was 10, 20, even 30 years ago.

And that’s embarrassing. On too many levels.

More than anything, it telegraphs to your potential buyer that you’re out of touch. Or you don’t care. It doesn’t help existing clients love you more, either.

And that never, ever helps you compete in your marketplace. You must make your marketing smarter. Watch to learn why…


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