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Most marketing efforts fail because business owners and entrepreneurs don’t know what they don’t know. Well, that’s painful. And expensive. More than anything, it’s not necessary. And you don’t get a gold star for effort.


It’s one sheet, so it’s fast. If you spend more than 10 minutes on it, you just might be a little OCD. Trust us. This free assessment will crack the code, let light into the darkness…okay, pick your favorite metaphor. It will help. That’s a promise.

Most companies use the same old-school approach to marketing that they began with, whether that was 10, 20, even 30 years ago.

And that’s embarrassing. On too many levels.

More than anything, it telegraphs to your potential buyer that you’re out of touch. Or you don’t care. It doesn’t help existing clients love you more, either.

And that never, ever helps you compete in your marketplace. You must make your marketing smarter.

Purpose Driven Academy?

“Purpose Driven” is what we all long to be. It can be difficult to achieve. Not from lack of enthusiasm, but from lack of direction. Sometimes, there’s a reason it’s the “road less traveled by.” Keeping your fire bright sometimes means getting close to another fire. And adding fuel.

“Academy” is a place to learn new concepts, test theories, and ultimately grow. Most business owners depend on their passion and grit to earn success. The problem is that passion and grit are rarely enough. Yes, keep your fire bright. Just make sure it’s aimed in the right direction.

Who Works With Us...and Why

Accelerate Your Small Business

Want a brilliant marketing strategy? You simply need expert guidance and some consistent attention. You do not need a large budget. Small companies must compete as well, or better, than their big competition...and their large budgets.

Become Priceless

With all your competition, how do you present a clear difference between you and the "other agent"? Saying you provide "better service" simply doesn't cut it. We'll show you why that is a path to the bottom and, instead, exactly how to transform your success.

Creating... Without The Worry

Are you a visual artist? Musician? Writer? Graphic designer? It's a struggle to grow your business because you hate marketing, right? Yet, you deserve to grow like any other business. If you hate "marketing," we'll help you get back to your passion to simply create.

What Real Customer Service Looks Like

It Ain't Pretty...But It Can Be In another blog, we briefly addressed the issue of how unimpressed the average consumer is of the companies they buy from. If you've been in business for over a month or two, you know that "how you do customer service" will either send...

Optimizing Your Strengths…and Theirs

The Most Common Myth in Business Isn't it strange that our default perception of the business world is that it is populated by only two kinds of people? The majority of people work for "the man." The rest are "the man." While it is a simple construct and the most...

Create Relational Glue to Grow Your Business

Is That Even A Thing? Yep. Think of "bonding." If you're a parent you know how important that is. In fact, if you have ever had a close relationship with anyone, having that relational glue is crucial to holding you together, right? Therefore, it's a thing with your...

The Other Secret Not to Miss

You Need Raving Fans Having customers is great. But having raving fans is much, much better. So how do you convert a customer into a raving fan? It's not as hard as you might think. At the core of a raving fan is this: They know you know what they want. The more you...

Swimming in the Same Pond

Landing the "Big One" It may not be your preferred metaphor, but it's a potent one in business: catching big clients, or “fish.” The idea is that if you're able to "catch" one, your business will grow, or be sustained, as a result. The underlying belief that you need...

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